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Individual and Group Counseling 
Couple Therapy Session

Rates & Insurance


$ 80 first intial session(assessment)

$ 50 per 60-minute session

Self Pay versus Insurance
A mental health diagnosis follows you through your life and can affect your ability to gain employment(security clearance), ability to purchase firearms, to purchase health or life insurance, and your ability to adopt children. In addition, insurance companies only approve a certain number of sessions depending on their interpretation of how "symptomatic" you are in connection with your mental health diagosis.  However, for my clientele with insurance, I can provide an insurance ready statement that can be used for reimbursement. I advise all new clients to call their insurance carrier to see what their out of network benefits may be. Many of our clients receive reimbursement for the services they have paid for. 

Why would you want to pay out of pocket for services? There are good reasons why not using your insurance benefits and choosing to self-pay is a good idea. Here is an article with 5 reasons: Paying for Therapy Out of Your Pocket

Cash, check and most major credit cards accepted for payment.

“Our practice’s policy is to securely store a form of payment on file for all of your sessions. I am deeply committed to the therapeutic climate and want your therapeutic experience to be focused on you and your treatment goals. By allowing you to use a credit or debit card, I can avoid taking time away from your therapeutic work to check you in and process payment. Each month you will receive an automated statement by email. Statements will show that you have paid for your services in full. Credit card authorization forms are available on https://bmw.therapyclient.com

Cancellation Policy

We request should you ever need to cancel an appointment that you provide us with 24-48 hours notice; this policy is
in place to help all clientele access the care they need. Each morning we receive calls from clients who wish to
access open slots for emergencies and immediate treatment needs, when clients call in advance we can ensure
that all clients can get in when they need it most…and one day you may be the client who calls for that extra
appointment. We appreciating you understanding this policy as it is built to ensure that all clients respect one
another and get the assistance they deserve.

Please call 678-618-0800 at least 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time should you need to cancel or reschedule, otherwise your credit card will be charged $50 immediately for missed appointments.

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